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Google+ takes a hit , traffic reduced by 60% in the past few days

Russell Bullen - Friday, October 14, 2011

We thought you might like these two interesting articles that surfaced this week. One is from PC mag about Google+ traffic reducing an the other from some guy inside Google having a bitch (not that we like that!)

The report

The hype machine surrounding the launch of any new social network went into overdrive a few months ago when Google+ debuted to a select group of beta testers, receiving largely positive reviews from the tech elite. But now that the service has been opened to the public, a new report claims that the social networking site has suffered a staggering loss of roughly 60 percent of its traffic.

The bitch session

A post penned by Google engineer Steve Yegge has surfaced and in it, the software engineer trashes Google+ as a "pathetic afterthought" and "knee-jerk reaction."

Here's a summary from our favourite web/mobile site, The Huffington Post CLICK HERE

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